UKZN’s Poetry Africa Festival 2022

UKZN’s Poetry Africa Festival 2022

Honours understudy in Show and Performing Expressions Kwanele Nyembe was named the 2022 Public Verse Hammer Champion during UKZN’s Verse Africa Celebration.

Nyembe, who won a total award of R22 000, will address South Africa at the World Hammer Verse Contest in Brazil one year from now.

Otherwise called Conservative Holy person, Nyembe is a Durban-based artist, essayist, entertainer and artist.

“There is significantly more work to be finished. Yet, today, we praise a night enjoyed with the best writers the country brings to the table,” he said at the declaration. “Appreciation to the Middle for Inventive Expressions (CCA) and UKZN for giving this stage to specialists.

South Africa has the best artists on the planet, and I’m appreciative to Verse Africa for thinking about this laid out conviction. I anticipate holding the title one year from now in Brazil.”

CCA Chief Dr Ismail Mahomed expressed: “Congrats to Kwanele. The 2022 Verse Africa was a mind boggling achievement, certifying position as a most significant stage unites writers from across the world to share, investigate and commend each other’s inventiveness.

Simultaneously, the celebration is an indicator of how writers read and decipher our social, political and worldwide circumstances. Verse Africa is a unique promoter for civil rights.”

A jury part for Hammer Jam and Head of World Verse Hammer, Dr Philip Meersman of Belgium, added: “The utilization of Kwanele’s voice, the conscious conveyance in (not) utilizing the receiver, the crowd collaboration, limited feelings, scriptural references along with decorticating the human body into quintessence with texts were unforgiving as well as accusing and uniting individuals, brought about a merited win.

“Kwanele is a genuine champ truly, catching and dazzling his crowd. He is a sort of wizardry that should be capable live by the world.”

Nyembe is the prime supporter of the Do or die Digital broadcast, a stage that fills in as a news source for Durban-based performing specialists to discuss their work and acquaint the world with individuals included.

As an entertainer, he has worked with the Consulate of Sweden, in Pretoria, along with Hear my Voice, which organized a virtual series that integrated creatives from various workmanship areas, including style, writing, music, the expressed word, media, government and the scholarly world, for co-learning and adjusting to change and support during the pinnacle of the pandemic.

He likewise performed at the Playhouse Sundowners Verse and Jazz Show. Past this, he has shared his work on different stages, for example, Word N Sound and Universes of Words.

He was a champ of UKZN’s Brilliant Key Verse contest.

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